If you’re not keen on floating down the aisle in a big, billowing number, you could always go for the short and sweet option. It might not be considered traditional, but a short wedding dress can be just as stylish. Once thought of as an option for a second or low-key celebration, the short dress can now be worn for any wedding – you can make your own wedding dress rules – it’s your big day after all!

Your Venue.

Nowadays weddings can take place in numerous settings, from the customary church and registry office to a hotel, barn, zoo, up on a mountain or under the sea! It’s your day, and you have to choose a place that sings to your heart. Your choice of venue will have an influence over what type of dress you go for. Short dresses are great for hot weather, so if your ceremony is taking place on an exotic beach, you could stay cool and go for a paddle in the sea in your petite number. If you’re travelling abroad, it’s also easier to pack and transport a shorter dress.

A stylish short dress will also suit a chic ceremony at a smart hotel, picture yourself looking glam in your dress, string of pearls, long satin gloves and a cocktail, as you channel Audrey Hepburn and smile lavishly at your guests. Perfect! And just because you fancy a short dress it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go slim fitting or tomboyish. Ballerina length flared skirts look sensational and very pretty, and you won’t look out of place waltzing down the aisle of a church in a dress like that. We know a church is the traditional option, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear the time-honoured meringue.

short wedding dress

Your Style.

While it’s a great idea to try out different wedding dress styles before you decide on the one it’s also important to think about what you feel comfortable in and what best suits your body shape. Your dress should make you look and feel fabulous and reflect your personality. If you go for something just because you think it’s what people will expect you aren’t true to yourself. You might end up not feeling as special as you deserve on your big day. Choose something for yourself; it’s your big day after all.

It’s a good idea to consider the parts of your body you like and those that you are not so keen on. Don’t be super critical of yourself, but there are probably areas you prefer to cover up (maybe you’re not keen on your upper arms, or perhaps you have the name of an ex-tattooed on your back and prefer that to remain hidden)! Similarly, show off your best bits and if that happens to be your legs then don’t be afraid to get them out. Short dresses show off perfect pins beautifully if you’ve got it flaunt it!

Your Comfort.

If you’re not a big fan of dresses and skirts (your jeans are your best friend) wearing a big or long wedding dress may be a bit restrictive for you. We are not suggesting you don your denim for your trip down the aisle, but you could go for a short wedding dress. No unceremoniously squeezing yourself and your poor dad into the back of the Rolls Royce as you fight to get your taffeta and lace princess style dress in. No concerned bridesmaids fussing about, smoothing out your wrinkled satin or trying to straighten your flowing train.

In a short and sassy number, you can shake your thing on the dancefloor without fear of tripping over yourself. You don’t have to worry about someone leaving a dirty footprint on the back of your beautiful white gown as they clumsily try and manoeuvre past you as you are in full flow doing the Time warp.

short wedding dress

Your View on Tradition.

Some brides-to-be worry what others will think if they opt for a short dress, and to traditionalists, a short gown might be frowned upon and thought of as unconventional or “quirky.” But, why should other people’s opinions have any bearing on your choice? Weddings aren’t all the same, and neither are brides (it would be dull if they all were)! Short dresses can be sassy and beautiful, just like long or big, flouncy gowns.

short wedding dress

Your Budget.

You probably have a figure in mind regarding the cost of your wedding dress, and let’s face it some can be extortionately expensive. Buying the dress of your dreams is important but don’t leave yourself broke! There’s a lot to pay for when planning a wedding. Try to formulate and budget and stick to it. Short dresses often cost less than long or ample wedding dresses – so you could look fabulous for less and have more money left over for that honeymoon. There’s also a savviness to purchasing a short wedding dress; you can wear it again. If you have a swanky dinner or a party to attend you can slip on your special dress. You might not get away with the veil, tiara and bouquet though – so don’t forget to change up the accessories! Wearing your wedding dress to other functions means you can relive your wedding day whenever you please and you can feel smug that your dress isn’t festering in the attic!

short wedding dress

Your Big Day.

If you decide short is for you shop about and try out different styles, you could go for straight and slinky, something knee-length and flirty or a swirly number that evokes images of the flirty fifties. Short and sweet is also fab news for your feet, your guests will get to see your gorgeous pins and what’s on the end of them – a short wedding dress offers the opportunity to indulge your shoe buying habit too!

A perfect excuse for a spending spree at Louboutin? Oh, go on then, it’s not every day you get hitched to the man of your dreams!

short wedding dress


Written by E. Challoner-Miles for The Wedding Planning Store


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