Our viewpoint is that for anyone to be successful on the web, it comes down to three things: Search, Social and Connection and the necessity to continually “feed the engine“, and this is what we believe will propel The Wedding Planning Store to become one of the largest wedding directories on the web.

At the turn of the century locomotives and steamships were powered by big coal-burning furnaces. Men worked in the boiler rooms continually feeding coal into the furnace to create the power that the trains and steamships needed to run on. We see the internet as the same type of engine. To propel your website forward, you need to be feeding the machine continuously.

Most wedding directories on the web usually have a single individual behind it and depending on the financial success of the directory may have limited resources to invest in infrastructure and marketing efforts continuously, and hence may not have the necessary funds to feed the machine. The Wedding Planning Store similar to the big wedding directories has a corporation behind it, (VisionaryCode Inc.) with a more substantial marketing budget to push the site towards our goals.

Since we have a more significant marketing budget, we can utilize some tools that the big Fortune 500 companies use to help us grow in the areas of Search and Social.

Game Plan – Search

For many years now different individuals and organizations on the web have looked to “game” the search engines, trying to find shortcuts to success. While this may lead to some short-term gain, the search engines are continuously updating their algorithms and the shortcut procedures you employ today could hurt or penalize you tomorrow.

We have been developing internet properties for more than a decade, and the only right way to get to the top is to work at it, day after day, continually feeding the machine. If you go to other wedding directories, have a look at their blog. Is it full of content that is continuously being added to, or is it a few posts some time ago that might suggest they gave up on that strategy? We believe in reaching the top of the search engines you have to be reflecting good, current relevant content on your website.

At The Wedding Planning Store, we utilize several paid online search tools being used by some of the most significant companies in the world to tell us what people planning a wedding are using the search engines to find.

We then take this information and push it to a team of international writers we have assembled to research and put together the information that people are looking for. We have writers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. This provides us with relevant wedding-related content that we publish every Wednesday morning at 10 AM.

As content is published, the search engines will pick up on this new material and index it. The more relevant content we produce, the more we are indexed and over time will rise to the higher levels of the search engines making it easier for individuals planning their wedding to find us.

Game Plan – Social

To be active on social, you need to have something to offer. The content that is being produced above is being pushed out through all our social channels each week allowing a higher number of people to consume it.

We also utilize video as much as possible to convey our content or links to our content as video is expected to be the next big driver on the internet.

The Wedding Planning Store is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This creates greater awareness of the site and drives more traffic to the site looking for content that can help them plan their wedding. Once again, we are feeding the machine.

We also curate wedding-related content from other wedding resources through our social channels that we believe to be relevant to planning a wedding.

In time we believe this will help cement the site in the minds of the wedding planning community as a resource to turn to when planning a wedding.

You can check out what we are doing on social by clicking any of the following links:







Game Plan – Connection

Connecting with people outside of the web is our third strategy for success. Whether this is attending national bridal shows or the development of wedding-related software, we see this as opportunities to connect with people outside of the site and make them aware of what we have to offer. We continuously look for new ways to connect with people, and whether that is finding a new writer to work with our team or meeting with a couple at a bridal show who is in the process of planning their wedding, we see all these efforts as our continuous efforts to feed the machine.

Should you take a trip with us?

This is the million dollar question. You have come to our site, and hopefully, you have looked around. Do you see a website that can offer you an opportunity to make people more aware of your business? Would you have the financial resources to do everything we are doing on your own to help push your business forward? Do you have the resources to blog about wedding related items that people are looking for on an ongoing and regular basis for years to come? Remember you have to continually feed the machine, if you don’t the engines stop turning.

There are many wedding directories out there. Many are free, but free ones tend to attract everyone including spammers and may not hold much weight when it comes to the search engines. The paid directories manage to attract people specifically focused on the topic the directory is created for. A free directory has to make its revenue from somewhere and may be full of advertising and may not put a lot back into its marketing efforts as it can be an expensive endeavour. The paid directories have the resources to push the website forward.

We work every day to propel The Wedding Planning Store forward. If you don’t think right now is the time for you, we understand and invite you to check us out again, a month from now, six months from now or a year from now.

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